Principal Inaugurate The Lodge

26 Feb

The Lodge ( 25 Feb)Today had been an exciting day for today was the official launch of The Lodge – a new place for students to study or simply hang out.

            At exactly three o’clock in the afternoon, with the sun shining down on us all, Datin Hjh Noorul Huda bt. Mohd Dimyati arrived, along with Datin Siti Ruhaya bt. Sarman, Puan Teresa Chan Jei Chiang, Datin Azlinda bt. Ahmad and, of course, our beloved school principal, Tuan Haji Abdul Hakim b. Samuri. Other than that, a handful of students and teachers also took the time to attend this occasion.

             As our special guests were seated, Puan Wan Fatinah bt. Wan Hamzah gave an introduction, where she informed us that Datin Noorul Huda came up with the idea of The Lodge, the perfect location was chosen by Datin Azlinda while the finances in beautifying The Lodge was contributed by our principal himself. Then, a small prayer was conducted by Uztaz Khairul Azman b. Ismail before a speech was presented by our beloved principal, Tuan Haji Abdul Hakim b. Samuri.

            In his speech, the principal talked about the importance of the English language as a medium of communication for many, therefore, making it an important skill to learn and have. He also talked about his hopes for The Lodge to be fully utilized by the students in particular. Finally, he expressed his utmost gratitude to the head of the English department for coming up with the idea of The Lodge.

            At a quarter past three, the principal of the school was presented with a bunch of black and white balloons tied together as well as a pair of scissors tied with a bow. He was given the honour to cut the balloons as initiation of the launching of The Lodge. As the balloons were cut and as they soared high into the cloud-filled sky, The Lodge was officially open for the benefit of the students and the staff of the school alike.

            To make things more interesting, two lads in checked shirts and dark trousers, who called themselves Joshua and Jonathan, gave an amazing performance at the launching of The Lodge. With their guitars poised at the ready, they sang “Let Her Go” and “When You Say Nothing At All”, to the pleasure of the audience. Their excellent performance added that extra excitement to the ceremony and they deserved the round of applause that erupted at the end of their performances.

            After the performance ended, we were all invited to have some light refreshments, which consisted of several types of snacks and cooled drinks. At the same time, Wan Nurul Eiman bt. Wan Zulkifli, a Form 4 representative of The English Language Society Club had a brief butm informative interview with Datin Noorul Huda. From the interview, Datin Noorul Huda infoed us that The Lodge was built to bring students out of the classroom so they can study and learn in a relaxed environment. She stated that The Lodge also functioned as a place where students can voice out their thoughts and ideas. Finally, she expressed her hope to see The Lodge still standing and expanding throughout the many years to come.

            As the interview ended, so did the event. Although it had been quite a short ceremony, it had been a special and historical occasion for the school of SMK Seksyen 9.


Written by: Fadzlin Naztasha bt Nazrul Isham, 4Sc2,

Co-Secretary to The English Language Society Club


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